How Small is Your Faith

Who are you to doubt Me?
Who placed you on dry land and redeems your broken heart?
Who mends your mind and replaces your mourning with laughter?
Who loved you before you were spoken into existence?

Why do you doubt
Who are you to unbelief
How small is your faith!
I move mountains and shake oceans,
I make you smile and remember your sorrows.
How much do you trust Me?

Are you willing?
How ready are you?
Be prepared!
But wait, when My timing’s right,
All will be clear.
Then my directions will be complete.
Then you will find fulfillment.

You can only dream,
I create your reality.
Hope in My words,
Have faith in My peace.

Don’t fret,
Be still my child.
I love every part of you,
I long for all of you.

Count on My words,
Cling to My promises,
I will not fail you.
Trade your temporary happiness
For My never ending joy.

Only in Me will you be accomplished.
Only through Me will you have peace.
Only with Me shall you prosper.

Only because of Me will you meet the one,
the one designed to accompany you in this journey.
Created to abide in My love,
Predestined into your life.
Equipped beyond measure,
And far better than you’ve imagined.
I desire to give you My best,
Don’t settle for mediocre,
My plans are not out of reach.

I turn the tide,
I change the seasons.
I create your reality,
Be patient My darling,
Wait on Me,
Trust in Me,
How small is your faith.


  1. Rachel, I randomly found your page, can I say you are an inspiration! Thank you for your willingness to be used for God, and the purity in your writing. Keep running this race :)


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