Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces. Matthew 7:6

Growing up, Mr. Martin was my best friend’s dad and I considered him mine as well. Whenever we talked about boys (which was often because we were boy crazy) he always reminded us that we were like pearls. He explained that one day, a man would fight to win our hearts, and that’s how it was supposed to be. He would marry us and only he would be deserving of our whole hearts. If his intentions were pure, he would want to fight and wouldn’t settle for anything less. Because a woman who knows her worth wasn’t easy.

Unfortunately, this typically went in one ear and out the other, because it wasn’t cool and I wasn’t necessarily looking to get hitched that exact moment. But I heard it frequently enough for it to take root in my heart. Looking back, I understand and appreciate his words today more than ever. Although he passed last year and is in heaven, what he taught us girls will remain in our hearts. His daughter is proof of what he instilled in us. An incredible man prayed her in, fought for her heart, and swept her off her feet. Now married, they portray a beautiful visual aid of what True Love Waiting looks like.

Most people today teach us to get what you can, and see how far you can go. I’m not going to sit her and tell you that this-that-and-the-other is wrong, or not to do “it”. Because Christian or not, no matter how great whatever with whomever is outside of marriage, you’ll always feel deep down that you deserve better. And deep down, you’re right. Temporary highs and fleeting passions aren’t enough to make anyone truly content. No matter how good you are at lying to yourself, “there must be more than this” will resound in your head and the fear of settling will echo in your heart. God built us this way. We each have a conscience that won’t be satisfied with phony mockeries of what’s supposed to be very real. No matter how good you think you’ve got it, you’ll always feel empty.

Purity isn’t about what you will or won’t do. It is a state of being. Purity is a byproduct of a satisfied heart. There’s a self value and inner confidence that comes only when you’re fully whole and completely content in Him. Without this, you’re simply saying no out of habit. Or maybe you aren’t saying no at all. But it’s so much easier to walk away when you know your worth. Your true value. If you’re aware of the great price on your life, you won’t waste it on meaningless detours. When you know who you are in Him because of who He’s made you, you won’t ever desire to settle for second best. Because you’re the real deal, and phony is simply not good enough.

So, hold your head high in the arms of Jesus.  In Him there are no pasts. He wipes away the hurts and only sees the future in your eyes. Surrender your unspoken expectations. Set your eyes on Him. And, above all else, guard your heart.


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