Fighting Fibromyalgia

"Didn't they just create that diagnosis a few years ago?"  "How did you find out you had Fibro?"  "Do you believe the theory that it may be related to trauma?"  "Do you believe that God still heals today, are you praying for your healing?"  "What do you do, what helps?"  I've gotten these questions a few times over the last couple years. There are so many questions regarding fibro, so I wanted to share a bit of my story: Fighting Fibromyalgia - RACHELAZ.COM

“Didn’t they just create that diagnosis a few years ago?”

“How did you find out you had Fibro?”

“Do you believe the theory that it may be related to trauma?”

“Do you believe that God still heals today, are you praying for your healing?”

“What do you do, what helps?”

I’ve gotten these questions a few times over the last couple years. There are so many questions regarding fibro, so I wanted to share a bit of my story:

I’ve seen a handful of specialists, gone to therapy, been misdiagnosed, been put on steroids (which made me feel craycray, gain weight, zapped my hair and made my eyelashes fall out), tried all kinds of medicines/remedies/vitamins, and out-of-pocketed thousands of dollars.

Fighting fibromyalgia has humbled me. It’s reminded me that I am not in control.  

It’s given me admiration for those with much greater health problems than I.

I’ve witnessed warriors fight disease, cancer, and tragedy– with incredible perspective, peace and trust in God. Some are healed, while others go home to be with the Lord for their healing– and it’s not for a lack of faith.

YES, I believe God can still heal on this side of eternity, I believe He IS GOOD. We live in a broken world. But whether I’m sick, or in perfect health– I know His heart and choose to trust Him. In my weakness He is strong. He is good. If dependence on Christ is the goal, then weakness is an advantage. So despite my hatred for fibro, I can be thankful and rejoice in it when I’m alongside Him.

I’m writing this because for a while I felt crazy and alone in this struggle. Inexplicable fatigue and chronic, widespread pain that made me so angry I thought I couldn’t function. I know it pails in comparison to other health struggles, so please hear me when I say that I’m not writing for sympathy or pity. But in hope that my story could maybe encourage someone.

I was diagnosed by three separate doctors: My regular physician, a rheumatology specialist, and my chiropractor. I would suggest against a self diagnosis. And trust me, you’ll feel a lot less crazy if you can get straight answers. I would also suggest against making any decisions on the same day you’re diagnosed. Do some research for yourself before taking prescriptions.

Tomorrow if The Lord willed it I could be healed and may never need this stuff again– but while I’m fighting, here’s what’s personally, practically helped me (and here’s a hint– it’s all available over the counter!):

1. First and foremost– Prayer. It sounds cliche, and religious, I know. So shoot me. 9 out of 10 times, I just need to refocus my eyes on Christ–an attitude adjustment usually follows. My go-to verse has been 2 Corinthians 4:16: “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.” 

2. An Alkaline Diet. aka: boatloads of fruits/veggies. Cutting out carbs and sugars.

3. Young Living’s Essential Oils: Pan Away, Deep Relief, Peace & Calming, Joy, Stress Away, and Lavender. [Please consult with your YL Contact about how to use the oils or contact me if you don’t have one.] Yes, I became one of those crazy people who uses oils– but I’m sure when ibuprofen first came out nobody believed a little pill would actually help. and this stuff is natural! so boom! I’ll get off my soapbox now.

4. Extra sleep. by extra, I mean 8-10 full hours of real sleep. no tv, no radio, just sleep.

5. Wearing Wrist Braces at work whilst typing/working out/carrying anything heavy. Definitely not the cutest, but if you buy black ones and pair them with a black blazer they’re actually not too obvious.

6. Firing my “Specialist” and finding a good, holistic doctor. I found out the hard way that too many docs were just putting me on different medicines then adding even more medicines just to fight side affects. *Please consult your doctor before quitting any medication.

7. Acupuncture. just do it. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, but it’s not some creepy self torture thing– it’s real and it works.

8. Regular Adjustments at a good Chiropractor. I say “good” because I’m finding that not all are. Ask around and get a few personal recommendations. My favourite is Dr. Jaillet (Carrollton Kinesiology & Chiropractic Health Center.) It will change your life!

If you have fibro– pray for yourself, don’t wallow in self pity. Trust His heart. Allow Christ to carry you on your rough days. Look to pillars in the faith with greater health challenges than you. Don’t let it define you. If you need rest–rest! But sometimes you need to pull back those curtains and let the sun shine in. Encourage someone. Stay in the Word. And don’t battle alone.

He is good, He is trustworthy, His grace is sufficient, He is enough. Refuse to lose the battle, there is hope. 




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