Mugs, Mugs, Mugs.

Throughout pregnancy I tried to abstain from coffee as much as possible. Truth be told, after too long the very thought of coffee made me nauseous.

Now that our daughter, Finnley, is here, we’re realizing that she’s more like her father than we thought. One of those daddy-traits is her nightowl-ness. She seems to sleep all day, and take interest in everything at night. Apparently, she thinks her bedtime is 5:30AM. Sure, I could probably try to flip flop her schedule. But it’s hard for me to put her to down to sleep when she’s so cute and playful.

Which means, this momma is exhausted. Which also means I run on coffee. A lot of it. So naturally, I love cute mugs.

Gold is my veryyy favourite colour. So, you can imagine my excitement when I found these bronze+gold mugs. Starbucks is cleaning out their holiday inventory and has them marked down to under $7! Break up your day’s monotony and grab these adorable little gems while you can.


    – RACHEL

bronze + gold mugs //

bronze + gold mugs //

mugs: starbucks // nail colour: revlon, color stay gel envy, “indigno night”, c/o target. //



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