Real Talk: Comparison And Mommy Wars

Real talk:

When did we allow society and the pressures of this life to feel the need to label ourselves. Whether it’s pressure to be a pinterest mom, or crunchy mom, or working mom, or stay at home mom, or a natural birth mom, or fit mom, or whole-foods mom, or a homeschool mom, or soccer mom or a [insert stereotype here] wife/mom/human…

It’s time to put the labels aside and love one another. It’s time we learned to love ourselves.

Everything God has entrusted you with can be done with His help — but He hasn’t called you to a lot of things you feel you “need” or even “have” to do. So throw off those phony, unrealistic expectations and stop beating yourself up.

It’s time we stop “doing” and focus on being. Let’s be His daughter. Let’s trust that He did everything perfectly so that we wouldn’t have to. Let’s stop comparing and striving and pushing and criticizing.

Can we start receiving His grace for ourselves and in turn offer it to others? He died so we wouldn’t be eaten alive by this world’s pressure to “do”.

Lord, teach us to just be. I want a heart that pushes past the superficial and follows only after Christ.

Tell us whatcha think!

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