Hello! I’m Rachel Allish-Zamora Cavanaugh. [And yes, if you include my middle name, this Costa Rican/Canadian actually has five names.] I’m a 25-year-old wifey and mommy, residing in the good ole’ state of Texas. First and foremost, I am a woman of faith. My journey has dramatically changed because of Jesus Christ, He’s truly made all things new, and to Him alone I owe this wonderful life of mine. I believe we all have a responsibility to give– whether it’s sharing our time, energy or resources.

I consider myself a bit of an introvert and writing has always been my preferred pastime. I like to read several completely different books at a time. Kind of like flipping through channels– every day I’ll read a chapter or two of each book until I finish them all. I love our two Pomeranian fur-children. Bear is two, and I’ve had PomPom since I was twelve. I enjoy singing in the shower, preferably anything Renee Olstead. With a background in modeling and fashion, I love playing with makeup, styling hair, redecorating our little home, attempting to keep up with fashion trends, and enjoy basically all things girly. I’ll admit that I’m just now learning to cook. I am a bit of a neat freak–one of those people who color-coordinate their clothes, make lists and revise them several times a day, and wish The Container Store gave out memberships. People who know me well know that quality time and coffee is the way to my heart.

I believe joy is better than makeup, and a smile alone can light up any room. I believe fashion doesn’t have to be provocative, nor must it beg for immodesty. I believe women should encourage and empower each other, instead of competing and comparing. I believe we should choose to find the beauty God’s given us in every aspect of our lives– the good, the bad, and the seemingly ugly. I believe that eloquent furnishings may make a house, but only love makes it a home. I believe a cheerful heart trumps an exterior that looks like messy hair and sweatpants. I believe to survive in our society we must be genuine– I’ll take real and raw over fake and perfect any day.


I met my sweet Johnny Cavanaugh, in middle-school. Though we didn’t date back then (the almost four-year age gap would have begged for awkwardness.) Our story (in short) is that he didn’t remember me and hit on me online. Thankfully, I remembered him and after two years of friendship and dating, we married on the third of March, 2013. We spent our first few years as newlyweds traveling and exploring. We like to say we balance each other out as I’m a bit more cautious and timid, while Johnny is a full throttle adrenaline junkie through and through. We both come from huge families and have twelve siblings combined (not their including spouses.) We laugh way too much and often ask each other if everyone’s really as weird as we are. He is my favourite person in the whole wide world, I’m absolutely crazy about him, and I am so honored to share this wonderful life with him. Together, we’re the hubby + wife duo behind Cavie And Company— a custom and refinishing furniture company based out of Dallas, TX.


On October 22nd, 2014, our little family grew from two to three. On this side of eternity, Finnley Haven, is the single greatest gift we’ve been given. It was a challenging pregnancy with several complications. Due to severe pre-eclampsia, our miracle baby girl was born three months early at 29 weeks. She was perfect and weighed a whopping 2.4 pounds. After sixty days in the NICU, Finnley was released from the hospital a whole month early. We are madly in love with our precious little warrior. I believe motherhood is a privilege, and my desire is to inspire other mama’s to be all they were created to be. As C.S. Lewis puts it, “Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.”  


I hope you enjoy this space, where I’ll be posting the random tidbits of my life. Such as what God’s doing in our hearts; my foodie finds, the cooking fails; what I’m learning; the fashion my little family is wearing; what I’m reading; and stuff our small company is building.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little more about me and this crazy-wonderful life I’ve been blessed with.


      – Rachel



  1. Hey rachel! I love this! It’s awesome, I also really enjoyed your message, it’s really true, it deffinitly spoke to me. I will see you Wednesday at the neo. P.S. I’m getting baptised Wednesday! :) love ya!
    – Becca Capra


  2. you’re amazing! I am so inspired by your go-get-it personality. It helps me reach further!


  3. I haven’t read them all but i will. You are an awesome orator. The way God reveals Himself to you will inspire millions. Get ready for this season. Stay in prayer, humility and live in His Grace. I love you, my daughter and I’m exicted to see how God is manifesting Himself in your life. Keep following hard after His righteousness. It will exalt a nation.


  4. Keep writing, Rachel. Words have more power than the greatest armies. It was with the word that God created the world and with His Word that he reconciled that world to himself. Whether you change one life or many, know the great responsibility that comes when you put that pen on the page and your fingers find the letters that paint your thoughts on paper. Write not too much or too little, but just enough. Blessings, Will.


  5. Hey thanks for sharing!! Your words truly spoke to me–and impacted me. Loved the blog where you were running and things all of a sudden changed. And you found out about where you were setting your trust on! Good stuff. Felt as if I was reading an excerpt from a well written inspiration book! Keep writing!!


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