Because one of my first priorities is honesty, please know that I only work with brands that I would genuinely recommend to my closest friends and I only accept gifted items if it is something I would purchase myself.  If you send a product for me to review, please note that this does not guarantee a mention on rachelaz.com, but I promise to give it a try for myself and my little family.


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Why all the names? You see, because I’m part Costa Rican, my maiden name was Rachel Elizabeth Allish-Zamora. “Allish” is my father’s German-Canadian name. “Zamora” is my Costa Rican mother’s maiden name. Then I met and fell in love with a “Cavanaugh”, but I still wanted to honor my Costa Rican heritage. So I suppose in short you could say it’s a Costa Rican thing. (And yes, I really do have five names total.)