Finnley Haven Turns Four Months Old

It feels like just yesterday that our little miracle baby was introduced to the world. Today, we celebrate a very Happy Four Months to our beautiful baby girl, Finnley Haven.

At one month gestation, our little 29 week preemie now weighs five times her birth weight at a whopping ten pounds! As of last week, she’s officially out of her newborn clothes. She’s grown from fourteen inches to twenty-one. And we feel like we have less of a baby and more of a toddler.

Her eyes have miraculously developed 100% normally. After five excruciating eye exams, yesterday, we received the incredible news that there is no trace of blindness and she won’t be needing any surgery! Our God reigns, we are just so thankful! 

In other news… FinnFinn loves staring at the ceiling fan, being passed around by family like a hot potato, snuggling with daddy, bubble baths, and practicing Spanish with mommy.

We’re just so grateful for her life and for all of your continued love, prayers and support! Thank you!


    – RACHEL

The Diaper-Rash Fighting Secret

I think one of the most common fears amongst mommas is the very common occurrence of diaper rashes. While we were in the NICU with Finnley, the nurses shared their age-old secret that helps fight and prevent diaper rashes. Thanks to this wonderful little tip, our little four-month old has never had a diaper rash. 

Praise God for tried-and-true tips and happy babies!


    – RACHEL

THE SECRET: It’s as simple as using AQUAPHOR by Eucerin ($6/ea).

WHAT IT DOES: Aquaphor acts as a protective barrier. Commonly used to protect skin from chaffing when running, biking, swimming or exercising. **Please Note: It is only a preventative measure for diaper rash, not a healing ointment for diaper rash.**

HOW TO USE: After each diaper change, apply a dime-sized amount of Aquaphor on your baby’s bumbum and diaper regions. **Please Note: For external use only.**

OTHER USES: Great to help heal eczema, bug bites, dry/cracked skin (especially due to a runny nose), baby acne, and 100% safe to use on your little one!

We purchased a 14oz jar of Aquaphor ($13) for our changing table, best price via amazon:

keep your baby's bumbum happy. Learn the diaper-rash fighting secret. tried and true and proven to protect your little one.
And 1.75oz tubes of Aquaphor ($6/ea) for each of our diaper bags, and vehicles, best price via amazon:
keep your baby's bumbum happy. Learn the diaper-rash fighting secret. tried and true and proven to protect your little one.


Get 50% Off Your Baby Registry

How can such little humans, seem to cost so much? Your most needed baby items can add up– quick!

After all of our baby showers, it was time to purchase some of the bigger items on our registry. We were registered at Babies R Us and a well-known super store. After a horrible experience at the super store we’d registered at, I was off to Babies R Us. To my happy surprise, their staff was incredible. And they went over and above when they let me in on a few secrets to getting some HUGE discounts! Major props to them for being so mommy-friendly.

Wouldn’t you just love 50% off the big baby items you need most? It sounds too good to be true, right? I promise you, it’s not! Johnny and I bought all of Finnley’s items for up to 50% off of regular/sale price, and saved over $1,600.00.

As long as you don’t mind doing a little extra work, you can get everything you need for your little (no exclusions) for a HUGE discount! It’s super easy, it just requires some diligence. So, I’m going to share with you the “in’s” to Babies R Us, and how you can keep some money in your pocket. But don’t be selfish, tell your friends!


1. Build a Registry with Babies R Us.

2. Keep your eye out for mail from Babies R Us. About 2-3 months before your due date, you will receive a “Baby Registry Completion Coupon.” It’s a 15% discount. 1/4 there. Boom.

3. After your baby showers, make a list of your remaining items. Go to the store, and tell them you’d like to use your completion coupon, and ask for a gun to tag any additional items not on your registry. I tagged over 75 additional “not fun” items I hadn’t wanted people to have to buy us. Everything from our car seat and stroller, to bottle warmers, crib sheets and clothes. Tag and cart sister. *If they don’t have it in the store, they can look it up online and ship it to your home for free!

4. On your phone, look up any pricier items on Amazon (must be sold by and not a third party), or other major retailers (must have actual store fronts). Screen shot the exact item you plan to purchase, and it’s lower price. Babies R Us will price match! I saved 10-25% off just doing this one trick!

5. Apply for a credit card, if approved, you will receive a 15% discount.

6. If you use your new credit card (I just put a dollar on it and paid with another form of payment), you will receive an additional 10% off.

If you’re counting, combined, that’s 50-65% off! No exclusions! If you have any trouble, ask to speak to a manager.

Good luck, and happy smart shopping mamacitas!


    – RACHEL

finnley haven’s outfit: c/o, gymboree //