Finnley Haven Turns One: Giveaway!

In honor of Finnley’s First Birthday, I’m teaming up with all of our favourite shops to bless one lucky mama with some awesome shop credits!

The winner will receive over $250 in lovely gifts and shop credits: 

– One $50 Milk Snob Shop Credit
– One $30 Ryan And Rose Shop Credit
– One $30 Poppy Lane Co Shop Credit
– One $25 The Crafted Co Shop Credit
– One $30 Bender Bee Company Shop Credit to be used towards a custom vintage teepee
– One Audrey’s Bear Custom, Double Sided Blanket, valued at $40
– One Cavie And Company 8.5 x 11 Custom Wooden Art Piece, valued at $50

To enter visit the original post on my Instagram @rachelazcavanaugh

Winner will be selected at random on November 13 and will be announced on original Instagram post.

Good Luck Mamacitas!


     – RACHEL

PS: Through the month of November, get 10% off a beautiful Teepee from Bender Bee Company and 10% off a cozy, custom name blanket from Audrey’s Bear with promo code “FINNLEYHAVENTURNSONE”.

Real Talk: Comparison And Mommy Wars

Real talk:

When did we allow society and the pressures of this life to feel the need to label ourselves. Whether it’s pressure to be a pinterest mom, or crunchy mom, or working mom, or stay at home mom, or a natural birth mom, or fit mom, or whole-foods mom, or a homeschool mom, or soccer mom or a [insert stereotype here] wife/mom/human…

It’s time to put the labels aside and love one another. It’s time we learned to love ourselves.

Everything God has entrusted you with can be done with His help — but He hasn’t called you to a lot of things you feel you “need” or even “have” to do. So throw off those phony, unrealistic expectations and stop beating yourself up.

It’s time we stop “doing” and focus on being. Let’s be His daughter. Let’s trust that He did everything perfectly so that we wouldn’t have to. Let’s stop comparing and striving and pushing and criticizing.

Can we start receiving His grace for ourselves and in turn offer it to others? He died so we wouldn’t be eaten alive by this world’s pressure to “do”.

Lord, teach us to just be. I want a heart that pushes past the superficial and follows only after Christ.

Happy Fall, Y’all!

I’ve been asked a few times what our stance on “halloween” is, as a Christian family.

In short, we do not celebrate “halloween”, however, we don’t believe there is anything wrong with dressing up, passing out some candy, and loving on/meeting our neighbors.

Happy Fall From The Cavanaughs

Our pastor, Todd Wagner, shared a quick, 5-minute video about the topic and what the Bible has to say about it — and I must say, it’s quite encouraging!

If you would like to chat with me about this topic or share your thoughts, I would love your feedback! Feel free to shoot me an email at: :)

Happy fall and it’s-almost-thanksgiving-time to you and yours! :)


     – RACHEL